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Change Management

You manage change or change manages you.  This has never been more true than it is today.  If you are going to have to change why not make change work for you?  You can become better in any circumstances.

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Process Improvement

Processes are a matter of best practice no matter how big or small you are right now. If you could do one thing that would likely increase the value of company by 15 to 25 percent would you?

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Fractional Leadership

When your growing, pivoting, or shifting you need your infrastructure to match who you are becoming. Do all of your operations help you grow or do some inhibit your success?  What if someone could help you with that?

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About Business Solutions Consulting

Business Solutions Consulting is a passionate Organizational Change Management (OCM) consulting firm. We enjoy assisting national and international companies as they create or align a business strategy, manage change, prepare for rapid growth, manage strategic projects, and improve processes for better efficiency and effectiveness. We serve fast growing startups, mid-size, and fortune 100 corporations in the midst of change and growth. BSC offers our services where you need them without inserting ourselves where you don't. This is why we are able to serve a wide variety of industries such as mortgage services, manufacturing, distribution, health care, military services, telecommunications, transportation, entertainment, and software development. We are known for bringing calm to chaos in the midst of quickly changing environments like IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and pivots. BSC enjoys quelling the chaos that comes from infrastructures that are not properly sized to support an organization and operations that do not support best practices. Whether you need a team for a project, leadership for a program, or fractional direction to meet your goals, we are available to support you. We are here to assist you as you grow your capacity. We offer our help as we have helped so many others in the past so that you can maximize your business and achieve your goals. Find out more about Change Management, Process Improvement, and Fractional Leadership.
If you need someone to speak, we can do that too. 

Change Management

Let's face it, most people do not like change. We do. We see change as opportunity. Lots of moments in the life cycle of a business call for change. You may be growing faster than you feel like you can keep up. You may be planning a merger, an acquisition, or an IPO. You may have just reached that moment when all your software tools need to talk to each other and so now is the time for an enterprise resource planning solution.

BSC is here to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business. We know that when change happens you want to get the most out of the moment that you can. Times of change can help you solve long unresolved issues, become more efficient, and operate more effectively. What will change be like for you?

Process Improvement

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, we can assist you in reaching new levels of success by helping you to build a stronger infrastructure.  BSC knows that your business will operate more effectively and efficiently when it is built on a foundation of best practice inspired processes. Well thought out workflows, processes, and procedures add value to your business that makes your business more bankable.  We are here to share years of expertise  necessary to help you take your business to the next level. At BSC, we combine our insights and skills to help you transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. 

Fractional Leadership 

Being a business owner or leader can be lonely. Sometimes if feels like the whole world is on your shoulders and you are about to drown in problems. You do not have to be alone. Fractional leaders bring years of experience and expertise into your business for just a few hours a week. They help you and your team make decisions without trying to run your business. They guide you in one-on-ones, team workshops, leadership meetings, and/or trainings. They support you by serving as part-time directors and accountability partners.

You may have thought you could not get help because you could not afford skilled and experienced resources. You can. Fractional Leaders step in for just the number of hours and in just the ways you need to fill in those gaps without breaking the bank. After all, you got into business because you had a skill, a job that you loved, and you were good at it. Like EVERY other business person you may have soon discovered you were not as good at every other aspect of business. Who is?


Need Someone to Speak?

Sheryl loves to talk about our work. She loves speaking to groups interesting in small business growth, project management, change management, business strategy, and operations and processes.  She can often be found speaking and consulting as a national speaker, seminar leader, adjunct faculty instructor, and business advisor.  Her speaking engagements and her writing are informed by real business experience that includes organization impacting activities appreciated by trade organizations, corporations, professional organizations, small business event hosts, and networking organizations.


As Seen and Heard

Sheryl is proud to be seen and/or heard on these fine shows.  Watch her conversation with Jeff Crilley the CEO of Real News Studios on The Jeff Crilley show.  Click Hear Sheryl to hear her chat on Need to Know With Jeff Angelo which airs on iHeart's WHO Des Moines, Iowa iHeart's WMT Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Reach out if you are ready to book her now.

Fox News iHeart Radio Cursive writing in American Schools with Sheryl Hardin


Ask her to speak on your podcast, to your organization, at your conference,
or on your panel virtually or in person. 


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Debbie Mrazek

When Sheryl Hardin  talks about operations and processes people actually listen! Her firm, knows what she is talking about and at the same time her encouraging and fun presentation style is incredibly powerful for her audience. Imagine walking away feeling like you are an experienced architect for your own processes and operations. Sheryl Hardin delivers!

Chanel Christoff Davis

I enjoyed our Follow the Leader podcast conversation. It was both entertaining and informative. That’s always what I’m going for in my interviews. 

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Lin O'Neill

I always enjoy hearing Sheryl speak. It does not matter how many times I have heard her before, I always learn something new and useful.  She knows more about systems and processes than anyone else I have ever known.  I have asked her to speak and/or facilitate workshops many times.

Shawn McBride

Sheryl Hardin is the go-to for business management speaking. Having seen Sheryl speak multiple times I have never been disappointed. She always brings important insights and information which justify her involvement in any event