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Who is Business Solutions Consulting?

With more than 20-years of business experience, Sheryl Hardin began Business Solutions Consulting as a way of providing a wide variety of services to businesses.  These services are designed to provide clarity, increase efficiency, create  solutions, reduce costs, and improve productivity for businesses large and small in the midst of growth and change.  As an expert in change management and process improvement, she works with clients in the midst of transition and rapid growth helping them to create the infrastructure that best meets their needs.


Business Solutions Consulting works with clients to help create the best solution for each unique need and budget.  We facilitate your decision making process rather than attempt to make decisions for you.  Working with state of the art business practices and tools we support your success at the personal, project, strategic, and vision levels.

Our consultants have years of experience in their fields.  They bring a thoughtful and creative approach to coaching, problem solving, and planning that helps to ensure you meet your goals.

Managing Change

Start ups, mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth come with special challenges and unique opportunities.  When all the pieces fit together the free flow of creative energy and talent move unblocked to exceed all expectations.  When the right people, have the right resources, in the right timing, and permission to take on the right challenges the door is opened for any and all possibilities. 

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  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Infrastructure Review
  • ERP Implementations
  • Process Documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Business Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans


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